Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Holy hell, I just found something awesome....

So my work doesn't allow cell phones to connect to Exchange / Outlook mail servers (security reasons) unless you have an iphone with mobileiron installed. Since I run an android, my options are just hosed.

However... doing some further digging (after missing a meeting because the pop-up reminder from outlook was buried in my screens) I found a tool that will fix that!

if you download and configure this tool on the system that has access to Microsoft Outlook, and authorize it, it will completely sync your Outlook Calendar to your Android!


Now... I can get notification on my phone for meetings....

Wednesday, September 7, 2016

So today was my spawn's first day of public school, he's officially started first grade.  He's representing pretty much every side of the geek fandom, with a darth vader jacket, an iron man tshirt, TMNT backpack and spiderman shoes.

Friday, July 15, 2016

So over the last few days, Damien has lost his 2 front teeth.... it's damn adorable.
So, a couple weeks back, I finally checked another item off my bucket list.  I got me a new bike!!!

2015 Honda CBR 300r - 300cc, and it is PURDY!!!

Sunday, June 19, 2016

So, where to begin...

Honestly I have no idea how often this'll get updated.  I know I'll forget about it for months at a time, or I may updated it several days in a row.

As for the purpose.... who knows.  I think that I'll use this space to actually put useful things I learn, possible updates on myself and my family, maybe a venting place, or possibly off-color humor.

Who am I...  I'm a geek in my late 30's.  I'm married, have a hilarious 6yo son, and I'm a network engineer that specializes in Juniper routers/switches/firewalls, F5 LTM/GTM's, Palo Alto Firewalls, Netscreen Firewalls, Pulse SSL systems, and a bit of varied Cisco devices.  I live in the Pacific NW, and absolutely love it up here.